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Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you're hungry right now, read this!

I'm hungry. Quite hungry, really. Of course, I missed lunch and it's now 1:26pm. But what made me really think about being hungry was seeing the giveaway on Girl Gone Mom. She's giving away two big 15oz. bags of the Sing Buri Cashews and the Valdosta Pecans from Sahale Snacks! As soon as I saw the contest, more accurately, the pictures of the seasoned nuts, I started to feel my starvation pangs. Ok, so I'm a drama queen. But seriously, you better get there before I do, because my stomach has a feeling it's going to win. ( click on the link below and follow Girl Gone Mom's instructions on how to enter!)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jeans that make me look 10lbs. thinner? Sign me up!

How many pairs of jeans do you usually try on before you find "the one"....3, 5, 10??? According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the website" launched a denim-finding feature that allows women to 'try on' up to 50 different pairs of jeans with the click of a mouse based on style preferences and 11 algorithmic calculations of body type."
(Read more:
Really? 50 pairs? I know I've tried on way too many pairs and have come out of way too many dressing rooms frustrated because the jeans just didn't fit right. But Miraclebody, the makers of the shape-shifting swimwear line, has come up with JEANS that conceal, flatter, and generally make you look 10lbs. thinner! And blogger "" is offering a giveaway for one pair of your choice from Miraclebody jeans. Just click on the link and follow the instructions....and maybe you'll finally find a pair that fits!! (fingers crossed...)

Another great jewelry giveaway!

Girl Gone Mom has posted another fantastic giveaway. A pair of lovely blue "Nyla" earrings from Kendra Scott. If you're not familiar with her jewelry, pick up a fashion magazine...any old mag...and chances are, Kendra's jewelry is in there. Plus, here's a link to her site: And if you sign-up for her emails, you'll receive a $20 coupon toward a purchase! Hmmm...sounds like there is somewhere I have to be...

Just go to Girl Gone Mom and follow the instructions to have a chance to win these gorgeous earrings!